Weihnachtsbriefe für Japan

Wir möchten hier eine Email von Takuo TANAKA (Professor emeritus of Chuo University) weiterleiten. Er plant eine Aktivität in der Vorweihnachtszeit und bittet um rege Teilnahme:

Dear ambassador
After this year’s great earthquake disaster I’d like to thank you for all the support we received from places all over the world, like delegations of emergency teams, money and material donations and words of sympathy and encouragement. Thank you all very much for this.

Now already 8 months have passed after the earthquake and tsunami and every single one of the people in the disaster zone is struggling with great effort with the recovery and restoration of these areas, however, without being able to heal the deep wounds in the victims hearts are spending hard times in provisory homes. We are especially concerned about the wounds in the children hearts. Eventually the cold season is coming and in the middle of the severe cold 、it seems that a lot of
these children will suffer again from that nightmare of the March 11 tragedy.
Recently I visited Elementary and Junior Highschools in the disaster areas and talked to various principals and I was told, that, the children have started to open their hearts to express their gratitude and thanks., after a few words of warm encouragement,

We are inviting volunteers and disaster victims to a hall called „Shichigahama Kokusaimura Hall“ in the disaster zone and conducting a Christmas concert played by pianist Ms. Haru Chisato with the support of the local media in memory of the victims and also to support the rebuilding. For this event I would like to humbly ask you to send Christmas cards to the children of the disaster zone. Especially Christmas cards from abroad, because they come from people from such a distance, will make us feel that people around the globe are paying attention to our matters, and would draw a feeling of gratitude and deeply impact the children to encourage them in their daily hardships.
This would most definitely be a huge gesture of encouragement to the children. By joining everyone’s hearts together we could somehow positively impact the children and help them to overcome the deep sadness of their tragedy.
It’s our strong desire and hope that these Xmas-cards messages will not only reach the children in the disaster zones which are directly affected by the tsunami and earthquake, but also reach the children in the surrounding areas which are also impacted by their tragedy.
We would like to humbly ask you for the people of the embassy to send Christmas-cards to the disaster zones. Also we would like for you to spread this message to the people of your country. It is our plan to put your Xmas cards in a book and display them in all school libraries in the prefecture of Miyagi. We, along with the people in the disaster area, are planning to have this Xmas cards project to continue for 3 years.
Inclosing we humbly ask for any kind of cooperation and support. It’s our sincere hope that we can somehow help heal the hearts of the children of this terrible tragedy.
Sincere Regards, TAKUO TANAKA
(Professor emeritus of Chuo University )

Die Postadresse lautet:
Shichigahama-cho Saigai-Volunteer Center
c/o Mrs. Mayumi Hoshi
5-9 Unoyama, Yoshidahama
Miyagi 985-0802